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Other Products for EAF Shops

Ceramic Coated Pipes

The practice of Oxy-assisted melting in EAF has been established for a very long time. Normally steel tubes are used for injecting oxygen into the furnace. This results in the tubes melting at the tip at a very fast rate. Ceramic coating helps reduce this consumption by a great extent resulting in the following advantages: Longer lancing time without interruption, more effective use of the un-burnt gasses leaving the furnace. Normal sizes are of length of 5.5 meters (18 feet) from " to 1 " nominal bore the table below gives all the relevant size details.

Size NB
Size NB
Outer diameter mm
Wall thickness
Weight per meter Kg.
Packing per lot.
" 15 mm
21.3 mm
2.6 mm
1.34 kg
15 lengths
" 20 mm
26.9 mm
2.6 mm
1.72 kg
10 lengths
1" 25 mm
33.7 mm
3.2 mm
2.65 kg
6 lengths
1 " 32 mm
42.2 mm
3.2 mm
3.41 kg
5 lengths
1 " 40 mm
48.3 mm
3.2 mm
3.92 kg
4 lengths


Manual Slide Gate System


The "TRUECAST" Manual Operated Slide Gate System, Model J-3 has been designed for Steel Ladles from 5 MT. to 25 MT. L.M. Capacity. The operating conditions of Mini Steel Plants in terms of operator skill, shop floor practice, and reliability in operation and ease of operation have been kept in mind while designing the system. The unique 'Radial system of operation gives us the Mechanical advantage required to operate this system manually. As a result we have a very simple system: Simple to operated, install, overhaul and maintain. On installing this system the operating and maintenance personnel take minimum time to master it. The wear parts have been so designed that they are easy to replace and are comparatively inexpensive.



The "TRUECAST" Manual Slide Gate System, Model J-3 has been designed primarily for continuous casting ladles. Though some applications may also be found for ingots pouring. However, in this case the limitation of nozzle bore should be kept in mind. The refractories of this system are designed for a maximum bore of 40 mm.


Burning Lance:

This consists of a steel tube filled with special wires & other fluxes. When ignited it gives a tip temperature in excess of 27000C. This can be used very effectively for cutting of heavy scrap & skull apart from other uses. Burning Lance is available in 2 sizes viz. 3/8 NB & NB in 3 mtrs. length.