True-Cast Manually
        Operated Slide Gate System

True-Cast Manually Operated Slide Gate System

The objective behind developing a Slide Gate System is to regulate the flow of liquid metal in such a way that there is no loss of Liquid Metal and the system is easy to operate. The Slide Gate System should be such that it could be smoothly operated without the aid of power for small ladles upto 25 tons. The first Sliding Valve System was put to trials in 1961 at the Bentetor Steel Works, Padertron, West Germany by INTERSTOP SLIDE GATE SYSTEM and perfected in 1964. Mr. Y.A. JOGLEKAR is the pioneer of Manually Operated Slide Gate System. In India this system is specially developed to suit Indian conditions as the hydropneumatic system needs power pack units, which are expensive.

True-Cast Manually Operated Slide Gate System1

Slide Gate System Cup

Due to the development of Manually Operated Slide Gate System, many problems of mini steel plants are solved. TRUE-CAST System is easy to operate and it requires least effort for opening or closing the gate. Changing of parts and assembling the refractories is very simple and this could be achieved without cooling the ladle. For Indian MINI-STEEL Plants upto 25 Tonnes capacity,

TRUE-CAST is most economical and reliable system. Due to this system following advantages could be achieved:
i) Pre-Heating the Ladle after first heat can be eliminated, if reused immediately.
ii) Substantial saving in furnace oil consumption.
iii) Lower Refractory Consumption of Ladies Refractories as the ladles are not heated and cooled during every heat.
iv) Reduction in Non Metallic Inclusions.
v) Uniform heating of the Ladle.
vi) Elimination of problems faced due to Stopper Rod System.
vii) Many more advantages. For further information please call our technical representative.

Slide Gate System Specs

True-Cast Manually Operated Slide Gate System2

True-Cast Manually Operated Slide Gate System3
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